Peter's coaching services offer extraordinary value based on twenty-five years experience as a highly successful international businessman, President, CEO, Corporate Chairman, and Director. This makes him uniquely qualified to help senior executives and CEO’s succeed as business leaders. 

Peter's unparalleled combination of counseling psychology, executive coaching and his own business success as a CEO & Chairman, provide him with the ability to coach CEO's so they can build their leadership and management skills that will ultimately enhance overall shareholder value". 

Peter is a member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), a trained Coach (Newfield Networks) and a Psychotherapist (MA Counselling Psychology, UBC, 2006).

 Personal Growth

Time to make a Change at the Top

Peter Ciceri

Peter offers ...

... over 25-years experience as a successful CEO and corporate chairman combined with his training as a registered clinical counsellor, executive coach, and psychotherapist to provide a unique and powerful offering tailored to senior executives who would benefit from executive coaching, counselling and career management services.

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