Executive/CEO Coaching

Peter Ciceri takes a holistic approach to executive coaching by dividing the coaching process into three parts: Life, Leadership and Management. These elements are interconnected or similar to a complex mobile of behaviours, challenges, business realities and ultimately stressors – both internal and external.




Peter Drucker stated: “The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers”. However, this is the result of doing many things right. John Kotter from Harvard University differentiates between Management and Leadership, which he defines as setting Strategy, Structure and Motivating people. But in addition, I believe there are multiple other elements that play a key role including: Ethics and setting people based values as well as being THE role model of accountability, trust and ethics which ultimately foster a culture of team, trust and openness necessary for sustainable and continuous improvement. Remember, your ability to lead will make or break your organization’s value and ultimate success.


Management can be defined as creating shareholder value through the coordination and execution of the activities of a business, in accordance to certain policies, in order to achieve a clearly defined strategy and objectives. Simply said, it administers the concerns of the business to enhance its value. But management is a complex web of activities and as a senior executive or President, you are tasked with the overall responsibility for every element of the business… the buck stops with you. These factors of management are again, interconnected and compartmentalized in such a way to allow you to assess and address each one including: Marketing/sales, people management, board governance and “selling up”, risk management, product management, financing, budgeting and cost containment as well as process and operational efficiencies.

Personal Growth: 

You have many demands and roles: Husband/Wife, Boss, Son or Daughter, Father/Mother, Boss, CEO, Leader, Brother, Coach, etc… How are you managing the complex web of interconnected elements that make up your life? Are you burning out? What are you doing to stay balanced when the expectations and demands are so high? How self-aware are you and how do you come across to others? What are your assessed or signature strengths? Ensuring an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance in your life is critical to not just your own personal growth, but your health, life and your ability to manage it will directly affect the overall value of your business.

Peter offers ...

... over 25-years experience as a successful CEO and corporate chairman combined with his training as a registered clinical counsellor, executive coach, and psychotherapist to provide a unique and powerful offering tailored to senior executives who would benefit from executive coaching, counselling and career management services.

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